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PROJECT: Less Is More is a campaign for Letasca focused on integrating the brand identity with the current pulse of the audience in 2020, where everyone is re-evaluating needs and necessities in a pandemic





The changing landscape of the fashion industry in the last few years and especially during the pandemic has resulted in an authentic need for a minimalistic yet holistic lifestyle, where ‘Less is More’. This is also an inherent value of the Letasca team and approach to a new tangential future.

The brand is ready for what it foresees:

 less hype more realness, less fast more slow, less quantity more quality and most importantly less worry more hope.

This ideology resonates with Letasca values on a profound level and is the dominating narrative at the time of this global situation.




"Our products have always been functional-first, made with a clean design, inspired by timeless classics and architectural design. We believe in a minimalistic approach that in many ways has led to this new ideology.

Less Fast More Slow

Letasca is Made to Last, With You - We design for durability, extending the lifespan of each piece, so that it accompanies the wearers for years to come. Consumer sentiments and consumption habits are evolving to show a shift in attention towards more long-lasting and less ephemeral luxury. 

Less Hype More Real

We are a brand divergent from trends, instead of following the hype, we focus on the very real needs of our audience, who are urban explorers, everyday commuters who seek utility and experience in their clothing.  Letasca iconic styles allow users to carry and wear their daily essentials without the hassle of an added backpack or accessory.  

Less Quantity More Quality

The focus is shifting towards sustainable clothing where large variety has less value than premium quality. Letasca is also updating its model to in the upcoming months, to focus on a more unseasonal model, with fewer styles released in smaller collections through continuous drops.  

Less Contact More Contacts

We are obliged to reduce physical contact with our clients and customers, but this won’t stop us from forming real connections. We plan to reach more people and stay in touch with our community through real-time interactions by strengthening our digital resources. We are ready for a constantly open dialogue with us doing less talking and more listening.

Less Worry More Hope

In the face of the pandemic, unprecedented challenges have arisen but we are forging the future together, with stakeholder and partner in our product lifecycle, from our suppliers to our end consumers."

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