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PROJECT: 'Made to Last' is a sustainability-based conceptual initiative focused on creating awareness on core brand ethics

On World Environment Day Letasca spread the message of Made to Last - recalling the brand values and properties of its products. 


Statement: 'With a mission to remain enduring both as a brand and product, Letasca garments are made to have a long-life, with their timeless and trend-free approach to design. Durable, minimalistic and constructed with premium fabrics, each piece remains relevant and accompanies the wearer long into the future.'


The advertorials depict how Letasca as a brand makes very minimal contributions towards global warming consequences - such as melting of mountain glaciers / ice sheets or polluting of oceans, simply due to its products that are made to last. 


A spin off on the above concept of made to last - where the imprints of the vest remain on the shore despite the waves trying to washing it away or government secrets being passed on from one president to another for centuries.

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