PROJECT: Mam-E Magazine's Fashion Dictionary initiative in collaboration with Domus Academy involved research and editorial entry for the brand Krizia


Excerpts from magazine article:


''Being called many things, the Italian godmother of fashion, Crazy Krizia and quite often, a perfectionist, her designer label, once steered at the helm of the Italian fashion industry. But with the turn of the century, it was rendered a mere footnote in fashion, while its contemporaries forged on ahead. Today, the brand speaks a new language and is soon on its way to becoming a renewed force to reckon with.''


''Constantly innovating, Mariuccia manipulated materials like anaconda and eel skin, metallized bronze, silver, gold, to create fabrics with a spine, adding an extra dimension to her silhouettes. Her designs involved cerebral tailoring, constant research and pure innovation amongst her Italian contemporaries. The FW 78 / 79 collection brought an accordion-pleated raincoat to centre-stage. This was the first of many iconic pleated miracles to come from the brand.''


''In the 80s Krizia’s designs scratched the status quo of fashion that revolved around a certain target, a truly feminine woman with an uninhibited spirit. Her quintessential palette of black and white, with warm pops and supporting roles of neutral tones never failed to appeal; nor did her quirky sweaters or cerebral tailoring. The brand developed a style of architectural grandeur with clean lines, synthesis of volume with fluidity and a library of go-to patterns: bold monochrome stripes and whimsical animals.''


''Her inspiration was evident from her patronage of art, literature and cinema. In an interview with Dario Cresto, she explained “I went to the central station to study the French who arrived by train in Milan and were so elegant, so far ahead of us. I avoided the high fashion, never present, never realistic, and always too expensive. I put in my clothes a bit of Greta Garbo, Magritte, Dali, Klimt...”